Eugene van der Meulen
Global Business Operations
and Transformation Executive

Transformational change leader with 15+ years of experience in enterprise software and financial technology. Data-driven, charismatic change agent who leverages a unique combination of technical and general management skills to easily transition between detailed analysis, strategic planning, and executive leadership at the global level. Testimonials from CXOs and senior executives affirm deep expertise in developing the strategic and business operations capabilities that drive growth and profitability.

Areas of Expertise:


  • Build and manage growth and value-oriented business operations and service delivery organizations.
  • Direct large-scale, cross-functional portfolios and programs to drive end-to-end transformation.
  • Leverage data-driven insights, KPIs, and agility practices to drive performance and continuous improvement.
  • Develop strategy and connect it to execution as a strategic partner to CXOs and senior executives.